【ZIP】- FOUR strategies to bring ZKFair to $10b and beyond

Strategy 1 – DeFi Strategy to increase TVL

A ton of projects on the blockchain are overly hyped with TVL propped up by loans and borrowing. Take MarginFi on Solana for example. You could easily lend 500 USDC, borrow 300 UXD, and repeat the loop over and over again to increase the TVL of a single project. People do that to farm more points which will qualify themselves for potentially more airdrops. And this increases the total TVL of the project.

Since this is one of the key factors that individuals look at from an investment and valuation standpoint of the underlying project token’s value, we could increase the TVL on chain with more DeFi protocols that encourage staking and borrowing such as MarginFi and Kamino Finance.

This strategy will increase the TVL on ZKFair.

Strategy 2 – Funding Hackathons with Gas Fees

The fastest growing L1s and L2s often introduce hackathons to support developers. Every project needs funding to succeed. By introducing a hackathon funding campaign, ZKFair holders can support these projects.

How? Recall that stakers will be able to earn revenue from gas fees that are being consumed on ZKFair. Now ZKFair stakers have the option to fund these campaigns with their allocated USDC revenue from their staking portion. In return, they’ll be able to receive airdrop allocations from these projects that are being built.

Now, ZKFair validators and stakers can become early investors for these projects and in exchange, they’ll receive airdrops from the underlying projects they’ve supported.

This will encourage more builders to join the ZKFair ecosystem, while allowing ZKFair supporters to benefit from its growth.

Strategy 3 – Fixing gas prices at reasonable and sustainable levels

The gas price of 0.20 - 0.30 USDC for every transaction is reasonable for ZKFair. Why?

It’s very affordable for the average user, and ZKFair stakers are incentivized to secure the network by staking their tokens. This is a win-win for both users and stakers within the ecosystem.

Note that we already have a huge advantage to projects like Solana, with massive inflation in their circulating supply for stakers since the gas fees they’re collecting for the project is insignificant and hence, the project will suffer long term with exponentially increasing supply of $SOL.

Strategy 4 – Strengthening the marketing narrative of ZKFair

The rapid rise in the valuation of crypto projects is triggered by narratives and beliefs. Why? Because crypto is largely speculative assets. The value is determined by the sentiment for the project.

ZKFair should be positioned as the ROBINHOOD in the crypto space.

Yes, majority of L1s and L2s are dominated by VCs. Solana is a great example.

But ZKFair? We’re all about fairness and equality. We’re going against “Wall Street” in the crypto space. This narrative should be strengthened and we should ultimately position ourselves as the crypto for the masses, not for the rich.

Perhaps this should be our tagline: Crypto for the masses, not the rich.

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