【ZIP】If I were the CEO, what will i do?

Congratulations on the successful release of Zkfair Mainnet and Retro gasdrop, here I will try to provide ideas for Zkfair if I am asked for the CEO position

“If you were the CEO of ZKFair, how would you strategically elevate ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project?”

Zkfair made a new breakthrough by adopting technology from Polygon, Lumoz and Celestia.

this is a new momentum for the crypto industry especially in EVM L2, well if I were CEO what would I do to keep my project growing to $10B

Yesterday I did Retro in the form of gas, and you could say that I was successful in reaching $120M TVL in less than 7 days, that was a sign that my Zkfair project attracted the interest of many people

  1. First, I will not delay too long. Hype or enthusiasm from the crypto community who are enthusiastic about my project, then I will provide roadmaps to attract customers.

  2. I will first give the opportunity to the community that holds the total zkfair tokens received by voting, by creating a replacement token of the original value, for example: when the zkfair token. yes, get it from retrodrop gas and airdrop totaling 1000 zkfair, so to determine the community vote at the start, the team and developers created a temporary replacement token to vote on where this project is going will be brought

  • Airdrop original zkfair that has not yet been released is worth the same as a temporary vote token sZkf ( if First Vote is needed before Zkfair native token mainnet release )
  • To make fairness the proposal is made by the team and thrown into the forum to get approval before the original zkfair token is released, when all participants vote it is taken with a value of 50%+1% most for approval and validation
  • With this note determines the emergency vote for community approval on the theme of justice or zkfair
  • In the future, when the original token is released, voting will still be held in the same way as DAO, the community is required to stake zkfair tokens to get voting rights with agreed terms and conditions winner of the proposal with the most points ( here I explain simple details about community justice )
  1. To maintain community hype, it is a good idea to release zkfair tokens in stages to keep the value of zkfair tokens well maintained, the mechanism can be further regulated by the team
  • Release airdrop vesting for recipients from 25% ( 2.5 billion zkfair tokens ) in 2 stages of distribution 50% initial claim 50% remaining can be claimed in the following month
  • Release for gas retrodrop 75% ( 7.5 billion zkfair token ) in 4 stages 25% every month until the last month
  • So that prices are maintained and circulation has good value, hold a special event for retrodrop participants if they lock USDC worth the zkfair tokens they get then they can redeem original zkfair token, for all airdrop recipients either 25% or 75% of the total 10 billion zkfair tokens, the distribution mechanism is determined according to the token listing price

Example: if ANDREAN has 1000 zkfair tokens, and he is a participant in the 75% ( 7.5 billion Zkfair token ) retro gas drop then he has the right to unlock 50% ( 500 Zkfair token ) without having to wait for 2 months of the 4 month vesting
ANDREAN can open the tokens he owns according to the listing price set before zkfair is circulated to the market and exchange

If for example the price of “1 Zkf is $1USD” to release 500 zkfair tokens or claims, then he must lock $500 USDC within a period of 60 days, according to the vesting period of 25% every month, and when 2 months or the 60 day period ends, ANDREAN can take back the $500 USDC that he locked in the pool claim with the applicable fee discount of 5% ( 2.5 % permonth )

But if ANDREAN wants to get 100% of the zkfair tokens he has to claim then he must add the USDC value and extend the betting locking period to $1000 USDC within 4 months until end vesting period, he can take back the USDC minus the pool claim fee.

{ ANDREAN is a participant in the 7.5 billion zkfair retro gas drop }

What about 25% airdrop participants? or 25 billion zkfair?

Example: above I explained that they get 2 months vesting, with a mechanism of 50% in one claim of the total they get

BARBARA get 1000 tokens if she wants to get the full zkfair token then she must lock it according to the applicable price determined before zkfair listing on the market and exchange

If the listing price of 1 zkfair is $1 USD then to get 100% of the tokens she has to lock it in the $1000 USDC claim pool for 60 days until the vesting time runs out they can open it and take it back Locked USDC with the same fee discount, namely (5% in 2 months)

{ BARBARA is participation in the 2.5 billion zkfair airdrop }

But note: if they are willing to wait for the vesting period to be allowed, without having to lock USDC, they will get a share of the zkfair Airdrop according to what they get to claim

  • Fee 2.5% or all fee claims are used for network costs and will be returned in the form of USDC distributed to future events for the community
  1. Before Zkfair is released to the market, I will determine the basic price of the token to use the mechanism above or how to claim and lock and stake USDC to get Zkfair tokens in full ( specifically for the Airdrop mechanism)

  2. I will do a buyback if the zkfair price is below the base price that has been set to maintain balance in liquidity by purchasing through the approval mechanism of all Teams and the ZCC (Zkfair Council Community) use voting system

  3. Burning tokens that are not claimed by airdrop and retrodrop gas participants

  4. Collaborates with major crypto projects and provides prizes for developers who develop the zkfair ecosystem

  • Creating a leading Dex based without KYC, which is similar to P2P but allows for deposits and withdrawals free of charge to all bank accounts around the world affiliated with VISA and Mastercard, Become the first dex that can be connected to the Bank (following the applicable regulations of each country)

  • Create zkfair pool / farm LP staking on third parties or ecosystems on other collaborative projects and make small and large scale farming guarantees for investors and airdroppers and will be explained further (collaboration with dex, staking that operates on the existing zkfair network, such as registered or those that will join the Zkfair ecosystem) and create a security insurance system for users

  • Releasing an NFT market, issuing special edition NFTs with limited quantities, stake NFTs, get zkfair tokens on all platforms, both in collaboration with the ecosystem and can be staked in a special pool created by the official Zkfair team and so on in the future

  1. Make big promotions on all media platforms and attract the community that zkfair is the most democratic L2 in the crypto system, that zkfair is not just an airdrop distribution, but it’s all about more than that!
  • Collaboration with various web3 promotion media and attracting many developers into the Zkfair ecosystem ( Collaboration with many popular Web3 such as Galxe, Zealy and others)

  • Conduct AMA / periodic events to attract the masses with all web3 and social media

  1. Create periodic events, for the community with attractive prizes in the form of zkfair tokens
  • Create daily swap events, trading transactions with annual, daily and monthly value prizes, and get points exchanged for tickets

  • Create pool tickets to draw with cooperation from the ecosystem platform or from the official party create a lottery by means of points received for activities in the Zkfair ecosystem.

  • The prize pool is from the pool and fees for each activity on the Zkfair network or a special budget from the Zkfair team or collaboration with third parties in the Zkfair ecosystem

  1. Create a Zkfair Economic Ecosystem Body from the Community ( ZCC - Zkfair Council Community ) namely a representative from various countries through an ambassador mechanism to hold annual offline and online meetings and conduct A celebration/meeting and evaluation of work results every year on progress of the project according to the roadmaps, each project result is reported to the community in a transparent manner and each ambassador gets a reward, for having helped many projects from the start, for the sake of progress Zkfair.

This is just my suggestion if I become the CEO of ZKfair Token, thank you team!

My Discord: Bian6989

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WOW AMAZING. I think this article very very completed,interesting,fresh idea. hope you to be winner sir. ZKfair to the moon

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thank you sir :heart: for providing support and support for my event proposal!

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That is great idea, you will win this contest. Hello dev @Zkfair please see this article . It awesome …:fist:

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Wow, thank you very much for your support, sir!

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Very good post Looking forward to see how this plays out

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thank you for visiting my proposal :innocent:

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very nice idea and this idea is good, hopefully it will be chosen

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Brilliant idea! I support this proposal! and need an explanation for the future! all cool!

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ah Thank you very much for coming to my post

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Thank you, I hope it will be a reference for the Zkfair team, even though my language is not very formal, the ideas above are purely from my mind and heart, for the betterment of Zkfair!

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and I hope the Zkfair team accepts my proposed ideas about ZCC (Zkfair Council Community) so that Zkfair has a good operating and economic system,

Due to limitations in explaining the proposal, if the team is going to adopt the proposal, I will help explain comprehensively what simple points I made, even if I don’t As formal as the posts from other participants, I’m sure the team likes someone’s language that is more original without cheating on finance and any projects

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ZCC technically it is closer to the democratic governance system of a crypto project that has never existed

With the existence of an economic council system, the ZCC rules as the owner of the legitimacy of a decision will be taken jointly from the majority of votes before a decision is cast in the voting system.

through a mechanism, the ZCC, which consists of representatives from all countries, has the right to propose a brilliant idea for Zkfair, then the idea is brought to the ZCC by voting with majority of votes, then when it is final the ZCC board gives a choice or election to all users holding Zkfair tokens to determine a decision on the proposal from ZCC

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why ZCC is needed: 1. to avoid monopoly, decisions that are sometimes made without filter result in disagreement
2. provide the opportunity for intelligent people to provide ideas with a structured economic council and organization so that Zkfair has the best and first democratic crypto system in the crypto world
3. Blocks the actions of malicious actors, and hacker links to phishing attacks because ZCC can filter them

I hope the team will read the explanatory reply and I have high hopes that, even though my idea doesn’t have as technical and formal language as the others, I have good substance. thank you

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good idea, :scream_cat: this is like a government in crypto that is democratic! The latest breakthrough.

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I like all your suggestions, but for the initial point, it seems difficult, plus will you claim tomorrow? but don’t know what the claim system is? vesting or full claim

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Thank you, the important thing is that my proposal is original, even though there are a few likes, it is selected, and I don’t copy anyone :grin:

This is very ambitious and commendable.

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Yeah, thanks for your appreciation, but here the assessment is based on votes and likes, from the jury team, namely quantity, not the original quality that is sought from the idea/original proposal without copying from the project other crypto

Hopefully there will be a miracle. The jury team liked and accepted my idea points which they thought were relevant for future use in the ZKFair ecosystem, although some points were not used, such as division and vesting issues. I hope they like other recommended points such as ZCC and the marketing plan or democratic system for the Zkfair slogan