【ZIP】KOPI - Proposal to elevate ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project

The goal to becoming a 10billion-dollar project, the key is the TVL, by keeping high TVL and increase on the TVL, the most important thing is “Staking” and “Rewards” as these two things is to avoid user to withdraw while keep the inflows, below is some suggestion:

• Variable Staking Rewards:
Introduce a dynamic staking reward model where the rewards vary based on factors such as network usage, liquidity provided, or the duration of staking. This encourages users to actively participate in different aspects of ZKFAIR and adapt their staking strategies based on market conditions.

• Bonus Multipliers:
Implement bonus multipliers for stakers who commit their assets for longer periods. For example, users who stake for a certain duration (e.g., 3 months, 6 months, or a year) could receive additional rewards or bonus multipliers on their staked assets. This provides an incentive for long-term commitment and stability.

• Community Governance Rewards:
Reward users who actively participate in governance decisions. Allow stakers to vote on key proposals and allocate a portion of the rewards to those who engage in the governance process. This not only encourages active participation but also empowers the community to have a say in the evolution of the project.

• Referral Programs:
Introduce referral programs that reward users for bringing in new stakers or liquidity providers. Provide bonuses to both the referrer and the new participant, creating a network effect that can lead to increased TVL. Make sure the referral program is easy to use and provides clear incentives for both parties.

• Exclusive Access and Features:
Offer exclusive features or access to premium services for users who stake or provide liquidity above a certain threshold. For example, some limited NFTs, or some discord channel that only NFTs holder can join, CEO will hang out at that channel to learn the feedbacks from top contributor/ NFTs holder. This creates a tiered system where higher levels of participation come with additional benefits, encouraging users to increase their stake to unlock more privileges.

• Seasonal or Event-Based Rewards:
Introduce special reward programs tied to specific seasons, events, or milestones. This could include anniversary celebrations, holiday promotions, or special events within the crypto space. Limited-time rewards and bonuses can create a sense of urgency and drive users to increase their staking position during these periods. Like the Gas Limit rules that implement during the gas fee airdrop phases is a perfect example.

• Loyalty Programs:
Establish loyalty programs that reward users based on their continuous engagement and contribution to the ZKFAIR. Gradually increasing rewards for users who consistently stake or provide liquidity over time can foster a loyal user base and discourage users from withdrawing their assets.

• Collaborative Incentives:
Collaborate with other projects for joint incentives and rewards. For example, users who stake or provide liquidity in both ZKFAIR and a partner project could receive additional rewards or benefits. This cross-collaboration can expand your user base and TVL.

• Burn Mechanisms:
Introduce token burn mechanisms where a portion of the staking rewards is used to buy and burn project tokens. This reduces the overall token supply, creating scarcity and potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens. Stakers can benefit from both regular rewards and the potential appreciation of the token value.

• Innovative Yield Farming Strategies:
Explore creative yield farming strategies that go beyond traditional staking. For example, implement liquidity mining pools with unique incentives, or introduce yield farming opportunities tied to specific decentralized applications (DApps) built on ZKFAIR.

• NFTs + Inscriptions Market:
Establish market/exchange for NFTs and inscriptions, providing user with additional reason to store their crypto in ZKFAIR. This enriches the ecosystem, and will also tied to the above incentives/ rewards given to users.

Communicate these special rewards and incentives to the community by utilizing discord, twitter and community forums to keep users know there’s more incoming also to keep them stay active to the community for more rewards.