【ZIP】Complex strategy for 10 Billion capitalization

In order to keep liquidity in the network, users should be confident in the reliability of the network (and specific protocols) and be interested in leaving their savings.

  1. Network security - make statistics on validators, distribution of staked tokens, or something like that (make arguments in favor of the fact that the network is secure - public).
  2. Incentivize leaving liquidity on the network:
    2.1 Connect basic protocols that everyone knows and everyone uses (Uniswap, 1inch, aave …).
    2.2 Try to develop some revolutionary product like dollar without inflation. That is, instead of 5-7% per annum that most projects offer, create a token that will take into account the official inflation, or will be tied to the average price of some product. (for example, the price of a burger, for 1 token it will be possible to buy 1 burger, even if it goes up in price or gets cheaper, perhaps with limits on 1 purse and with a lock to withdraw).
    2.3 Incentivize borrowing, but in a new way, using the token zkfair, that the liquidation would be pushed back a bit and would be for example not 90-97% but 105% of the collateral price.
    2.4 Maybe rewards for attracting new users to the blockchain who will provide liquidity of at least xxx $ for at least yy days.
    2.5 Finally bring to the masses and promote at least 1 project with RWA.
    2.6 Another very effective mechanism can be a mechanism to increase the percentage for staking for example for voting or any activity in the network (e.g. 1 transaction per week).
  3. Voting, develop a mechanism to incentivize the creation of votes and user participation in them:
    3.1 Develop a multi-stage voting, that would create a propousal should hold at least xxx tokens, and that would support at least uuu users with iii tokens on the balance (for example 100, it is quite a small number but for attackers it will be quite expensive) that would move to the next stage and so on.
    3.2 Develop rewards for voting members, e.g. in the form of nfts that can be traded, and projects that are built on zkfair can use information about holders to reward and give more credibility to these users, e.g. when selecting ambassadors.
  4. Marketing:
    4.1 Make a clear positioning of blockchain for what it is for, choose a development vector. For example, the basis is decentralized finance (such as uniswap is the top exchanger, where to exchange tokens? of course on uniswap, the same association should be with the blockchain zkfair: where are the best tools and projects related to finance, where everything is reliable? of course on zkfair): exchanges, lendings, loans, … And very carefully select and popularize various meme projects, because often it is a very short-term trend, and people lose money there, which in turn leaves a negative trace about the blockchain. (For example, binance smart chain - most projects are scams, and you should not enter any project, that’s what I associate with this network) Make the association of blockchain (brand) with any action or character, memorable (good thing there are generative neural networks) that it would be possible to understand and associate the blockchain with something.
    4.2 Develop a page where all the most important events in the network will be covered, for example, project reviews with quality infographics (projects can develop themselves), high-profile votes, updates in the network…
    4.3 Eventually make quests, to familiarize with the ecosystem, users love quests (the main thing is that they were not complicated, 2-3 simple actions and 1 more complicated, and necessarily with deadlines).
    4.4 Show that the project is long term, development map for 2 years at least.
    Here I’ve outlined all the experience I’ve accumulated over 3 years in crypto.
    P. S. And add the network icon to the metamask, it’s very important :grinning: