【zip】秉承公平的理念,借助社区的力量 Adhering to the concept of fairness and leveraging the power of the community

  1. 构建质押和销毁ZKF的系统,质押ZKF可以获得质押期内的平台收入分成和手续费减免,销毁ZKF可以成为不同级别的合伙人,合伙人可以获得永久的平台收入分成和创建社区的特权
    Build a system for staking and destroying ZKF. By staking ZKF, you can get platform revenue share and fee reduction during the staking period. By destroying ZKF, you can become a partner at different levels. Partners can get permanent platform revenue share and the privilege of creating a community.
  2. 社区创始人可以邀请新的用户加入并获得社区内的用户gas分成,每个社区根据整个社区的贡献可以设定不同等级,不同等级的社区用户具体不同的特权,比如打新优先级,gas返还比例,激发社区之间的竞争,社区内用户根据其在一定时间内的交易量设置不同等级或者排名
    Community founders can invite new users to join and obtain the gas share of users in the community. Each community can set different levels according to the contribution of the entire community. Different levels of community users have different privileges, such as new priority and gas returns. Ratio stimulates competition among communities. Users in the community set different levels or rankings based on their transaction volume within a certain period of time.
  3. 平台可以利用已有的社区来为新的生态项目引流以获得生态项目一定比例的token份额或者收入分成,生态项目也可以自建社区为平台引流获得平台的收入分成,相互成就
    The platform can use existing communities to attract traffic to new ecological projects in order to obtain a certain proportion of token shares or revenue shares of the ecological projects. Ecological projects can also build their own communities to attract traffic to the platform and obtain revenue shares from the platform, achieving mutual success.