The ZKFair community aims to create a thriving ecosystem for cryptocurrency assets by combining the Eth2 layer network with a comprehensive community contribution mechanism

1. ZKF/USDC Staking and Rewards:

1.1 Staking Mechanism:

  • Multi-currency Staking: Introducing the ZKF/USDC staking mechanism to offer users a more flexible, diverse means of participation, fostering balanced ecosystem development.
  • Reward Adjustments: Rewards will be adjusted based on the total amount and duration of ZKF/USDC staking, encouraging long-term participation to enhance staking robustness.

1.2 Reward Distribution:

  • zkfair Network Fee Rewards: Staking rewards allocation is 75% of the zkfair network fees, ensuring participants share substantial returns from the ecosystem.
  • LP Holding Rewards: Users holding ZKF/USDC LP tokens will receive daily point rewards based on their LP quantity, incentivizing community members to actively participate in liquidity provision.

2. Medal System:

2.1 Inscription Enhancements and Gas Contribution Records:

  • Derived from Inscriptions: The medal system is an improvement upon the inscription system, comprehensively rewarding creators for contributions to the entire ZKFair network. It also introduces a point-based posting system to encourage content creation.
  • Default 200,000 Gas: Each medal defaults to inscribing 200,000 Gas contributions by users to recognize their contribution to network stability.

2.2 Daily Point Rewards for Holding Medals:

  • Medal Holding Rewards: Users holding medals will receive daily point rewards, further motivating community members to actively participate and contribute.

3. User Address Overall Contribution Scoring System:

3.1 Contribution Metrics:

  • User TVL Contribution: Points will be awarded based on the Total Value Locked (TVL) of user addresses in the ZKFair network, inspiring more users to join and contribute to the ecosystem’s prosperity.
  • Community Activity: Involves suggesting ideas, participating in discussions, emphasizing user active engagement in network development.
  • Ecosystem Participation: Engagement in ecosystem projects and activities will earn points, encouraging community members to actively participate in ecosystem development.
  • Gas Contribution Rewards: Points will be awarded for gas consumption, providing a comprehensive assessment of contributions.
  • ZKF Holding Rewards: Users holding ZKF tokens will also earn points, further incentivizing active participation and holding in the ZKFair network.

3.2 Scoring Rewards:

  • Exceeding Fixed Threshold Score: Users surpassing a set threshold score will receive additional daily point rewards.

4. ZKFair Ecosystem Project Airdrops:

4.1 Airdrop Mechanism:

  • Based on User Address Points: Airdrops will be conducted based on user address points, with the quantity determined by user address points. This encourages users to actively participate in community activities for more airdrop opportunities, featuring low-market-value projects within the zkfair ecosystem.
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