【ZIP】A $10 billion strategy to build the most efficient L2 ZKFair.

Good evening, Dear ZKFair team.
You have created a huge buzz in the crypto community that even your node could not cope with such an influx. It’s a bit of a surprise, isn’t it?

It was your first step to greatness. Now it’s the community’s turn to create and offer.

Now let’s get back to the task you’ve given us.
To reach our goal of 10 billion dollars, we don’t need much. And it is achievable with a structure and a roadmap that will gradually create a large and recognizable L2 solution for ZKFair.

I have experience in various large and popular crypto projects. Working with them I have gained experience that I will offer you and I hope we will create and achieve your goals on mutually beneficial terms in the future.

The success of large and successful crypto projects consists of two pillars.

  1. A development team led by a qualified engineer.
    2 . A community team led by a versatile and proactive head of the community.
    Let’s start with the first aspect " Development team" :
    At the moment you have a product that has shown its worthiness, but at the same time is not able to handle a large number of transactions. This means that you have developers, but they need help in building an efficient network that can avoid failures when there is an influx of users.

There are a lot of technical issues we don’t know and can’t effectively help with this problem. But from what is indirectly known, you can add nodes and create a validator system.

Also an important factor is a leading developer engineer, who has experience working with the team and will be able to identify errors in time and most importantly “look forward” that the network would work smoothly.

Security audits are just as important, but as far as I know you’ve already passed several of them. But you have to continue to keep safety in mind.

  1. You have created a ZK Level 2 network, fully community driven and based on the principles of honesty and fairness. How will it work?
    I propose to create a team of ambassadors who will actively work with the community. Direct them to the development of the project and most importantly teach them technical aspects such as staking, token utility, etc. Further among the community to announce an incentive program to attract partners to expand the ecosystem. This is an important aspect and you can’t imagine what a properly formed community can do. They can expand your ecosystem to 100 Dapps and thus the name ZKFair will be on everyone’s lips and unite millions of people who will use ZKFair.
    ambassadors will regularly organize AMA sessions with your partners’ ambassadors, thus the community will always be aware of all the events around the project and partners.
    Creation of a Ranking System among the community. For example Contributor, Creator, vip Contributor, Referrer (those who will conclude partnerships with dapps), Moderators (you already have them).

  2. Create a system to incentivize active users through Zealy. It will be divided into social tasks to maintain the Twitter rank and technical tasks (volume of gas flaring, number of transactions, creation of NFT collections), as well as creative tasks that will support the activity of the creative community. Also writing articles, creating video reviews and educational content on the project, blogging for different language groups. All these activities will make the project recognizable and popular.

Here I wanted to write about the system of steaking, but initially I think the conditions you have already created, more than interesting and there is nothing to add here.
4. Here I wanted to write about the system of steaking, but initially I think the conditions you have already created, more than interesting and there is nothing to add here.
But I will write about the anonymity of the team. Anonymity and 10 billion dollars are not quite compatible things in the current market realities. If you’re talking about transparency and honesty, then team members should at least sometimes record addresses to the community and partners. But the Head of community will take the main job. This is important and will make the community feel part of the team and your partners. Creating an ecological psychological environment among the community is probably the most important thing. I worked in projects where there was a “raw product”, but later it was pulled to the top by a well-formed and trained community, Real supporters of the project.

I am sure that the ZKfair team and the community can quite realistically bring the project to a cost of 10 billion. Anything is possible if we work on it.
Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal

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