Token for 2 dollar in a simple way. broker listing, stake, buy token, money trapped

1: Option to buy the rest of the ZKF tokens with a pre-sale prioritizing those who have the money on the network. You can also buy the token with money that is not tied up in the network, but for a higher value. (this will increase the network’s TVL) The money raised will go to the first ones to stake the token. (this will generate more fomo for the token)

2: Give the option to stake the token and all fees spent on the network be redirected to holders. (always focusing on interest in the token to have more buyers than sellers and the price to rise quickly.

3: Decrease 5% of everyone’s token and offer it to brokers in order to create liquidity and make it easier for new people to buy the token (you will lose 5% of the tokens at the beginning but with the listing on a broker you will earn thousands of dollars)