Proposal for Changing Claim Date due to New Year's Eve

Hello Community,

I hope everyone is enjoying the transition to the new year! I’m here to discuss an idea that could make everyone’s experience during this festive period more convenient. The suggestion is as follows:

Change in Claim Date due to New Year’s Eve

With the arrival of the new year, many of us are busy celebrating with friends and family, which can make it challenging to fulfill online obligations such as making claims on certain platforms. To make this transition smoother and ensure that everyone can enjoy the festivities without worry, I propose changing the claim date to a more flexible period during the New Year’s Eve.

Reasons to Consider the Change:

  1. Limited Availability: Many of us are away from home or engaged in celebrations during New Year’s Eve, making it difficult to complete online tasks.
  2. Focus on Celebrations: The New Year’s Eve period is generally a time to relax, reflect, and celebrate. Changing the claim date would allow everyone to enjoy these moments without concern for online commitments.
  3. Respect for Cultural Diversity: Considering that New Year’s celebrations happen on different dates and in diverse ways around the world, a change in the claim date could be more inclusive and respectful of our community’s cultural diversity.

How Do You Feel About This Proposal?

I want to hear everyone’s opinions in the community about this suggestion. Do you think a change in the claim date would be beneficial during the New Year’s Eve? What would be the pros and cons of this change? If you have other suggestions to make this period more flexible, please share!

Let’s discuss and find a solution that works for all of us. Every member’s opinion is important, so please don’t hesitate to express your thoughts on this proposal.

Looking forward to your contributions!

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I think it’s not necessary. If you’re busy on that day, you can come back the next day. In fact, in Asia, the Gregorian New Year is not that important.

However, I agree if we extend the token claim period to one month.

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If the amount of tokens we are entitled to is guaranteed, this doesn’t really need to change but a 5 day window is fine.

There’s enough time to claim, almost 2 weeks. I don’t this one is necessary

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But isn’t it first come, first serve? Is the amount of tokens guaranteed regardless of whether I claim in the first hour or days later?

Nope I’m pretty sure it’s NOT!

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If this is not the case, a change of date should be considered. if the amount of tokens to claim is guaranteed for a time interval of at least 5 days then there is no need to change

Impressed by the author’s in-depth analysis of ZKFair’s future plans. The proposed improvements are highly commendable

nice proposal,maybe could try

oh there is two weeks, then thats enough time

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if you care about something you’ll find a way to work it out