My development strategy for zkfair

My development strategy for zkfair would include the introduction of 5 popular services every month that have hype on other blockchains or web2.
So my 5 ideas for the next month

  1. Transfer the hype from Solana to zkfair.
    It’s no secret that over the past 2 months Solana has overtaken Ethereum in terms of the number of transactions and has become the most popular blockchain. This was made possible thanks to the high network throughput processing more than 10,000 transactions per second. Zkfair should strive to scale transaction processing throughput to the same level or higher. Due to the fact that smart contracts in zkfair are EVM-based, we can expect the emergence of both infrastructure projects and the release of so-called meme coins. This will allow us to release a blockchain that will be used for literally any purpose.
  2. Integration with Bitcoin.
    Memcoins created on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Ordinals protocol are of no less interest and demand in the market. At the moment, there are a number of projects that transfer assets from Bitcoin to other blockchains through different bridges. Zkfair should be fully integrated into the Bitcoin ecosystem immediately after launch and entering the market. We need to issue popular tokens to create a liquidity pool and build a bridge between assets on the BRC20 network and their clones on zkfair.
  3. Creation of an oil and gas ecosystem.
    In addition to creating basic trading platforms for minting and trading NFTs, I would like zkfair to create unusual options for using assets in this area. I would like to see collateral services in which NFTs serve as a pool of liquidity and can be used as a collateral instrument for obtaining a loan. The second and more fantastic option would be to get a cross-chain platform where, using a protocol built on zkfair, nft of different standards brc20 erc20 or solan were exchanged and traded. At the same time, on zkfair they would be freely exchanged and have the same market value as on native blockchains.
  4. Creation of all kinds of DEX and transfer of liquidity and trading instruments from web2 to zkfair protocols. These can be different types of exchanges: stocks, bonds… I would like to be able to buy Tesla shares for which they will be tokenized on zkfair and have the same market value.
  5. Gaming activity. The gaming industry is the engine of any crypto system. After the launch, a game should appear on zkfair that will become the flagship and will be associated with this blockchain. It should be a simple but at the same time hype game, released as an information booster or born from the ecosystem itself.
    In any case, all these solutions will require large network bandwidth. I believe in the developers and the project team that they will be able to implement such solutions.
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Detailed exploration of development strategies. The project’s outlook appears positive and exciting. Eagerly awaiting updates!:sweat_smile:

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I like. Good vision of the situation

I trade on Solana myself and I saw what a hype it was