How to create a 10-100 billion dollars Project

This are my proposal if I were a CEO

If I were the CEO, I would implement fairness real fairness since it is the main reason why crypto was created. I would also make it totally community based and totally decentralised without having team tokens.

I would also use strategies to attract big decentralised exchanges (like DyDx, uniswap, bakeryswap, Pancakeswap).Not only use strategies to attract decentralised exchanges but also defi platforms from all chains (eg Jilto in solana, marginfi also in solana).

I would also plan to launch an algorithmic StableCoin which has Ethereum reserves. I would use the algorithmic StableCoin in lending Platform for lending and would be utilized by users of my project for stable store of value.

I would also create a Defi platform solely for my L2 Blockchain which will use the utility token as gas fees and top users will be rewarded monthly. This strategies is to encourage more users to be active on the chain and also create a top 5 L2 Chain by volume.

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