How to boost TVL to 10 Billion

I propose a gas free and or gas grant-rebase to all transactions to boost TVL so as long as minimum requirements are met such as size of liquidity positions and or duration. Also we should run a campaign similar to Mantas new paradigm highlighting the above and adding additional features with consideration of New paradigms shortcomings and or token incentives. To accomplish this we should implement more chains than Ethereum for deposit, we should welcome deposits from as many chains as possible.

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Hello your idea :bulb: so great, TVL it’s so impossible to boost and check mine

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I could not agree more I think analyzing market trends is an imperative approach to success! It identifies whets working, what can be adapted, and what simply is ineffective. Drawing inspiration from whets effective is certainly a novel approach

Keep it up and some more structured info, TVL so important at this stage

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so important and there are so many good ideas to consider

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That’s great! Isn’t it?

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its nice yes for real

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