Fairchat - web3 social chat on the ZKFair

Happy to announce that we just launched Fairchat (https://fairchat.xyz/), the first decentralized social media chat on the ZKFair.

Web3 Social is a place where social media is fully decentralized, permissionless and all the data is owned by users. The way it should be.

Let’s leave the old world of corporation-controlled social media behind us and move towards a decentralized future. We promise, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Brought to you by the Punk Domains and Iggy Social team.

Tech stack

This chat is built on top of various decentralized and open source technologies, such as IPFS, Ceramic Network, Orbis, Punk Domains, etc.

I look forward to your feedback! :eyes:

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Usernames (or web3 domains) are issued via the Punk Domains Protocol. Domains serve as usernames on Fairchat and as wallet address shortcuts. It makes it super easy to send USDC to your friends or tip a creator you love. :heart:

You can send tokens to the username here: https://fairchat.xyz/send-tokens

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Hi!. Is it a ZKFAIR project or do you work with the ZKFair team? you can check this.

Since it is something new and we are going to connect our wallets.

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We are not zkFair team. We are web3 builders at Iggy Social.

We are building different dapps, mostly in web3 social space. Here is our website: https://iggy.social/

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Ok, that’s good, I like the idea and I’m already on it.
I hope it is a success!

query: I minted 2 names on fairchat
but the other one doesn’t appear to me.
Where I can find it?

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I replied in the chat. :wink:

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:mega:Post minting

You can mint any post as NFT on zkFair. The minting fee costs 0.69 USDC + gas. The mint fee goes to the author of the post. Try it! :wink:

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It’s cool man, already minted 3 domains :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks! Appreciated! :pray: Some cool new features coming soon.

:mega: Activity Points

You can earn activity points by being active on Fairchat.

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Open Source :open_file_folder:

One notable feature of Farichat is its open-source code, allowing anyone to run their own copy of the platform on their server and URL. This decentralized approach enhances resilience and ensures the platform’s longevity.


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Interesting dapp for zkfair

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Ok I suggested some SocialFi on my own proposal, it’s great to have Fairchat too, best of luck!

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A new ecosystem, full of energy and hope. airdrop. . . .

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cool idea guys, love it!

Great to hear that. If you ever want to consider any partnerships, let me know. :wink:

our forum here is like socialfi

:mega: Referral Program

Anyone can now earn referral fees on any monetary action on Fairchat and earn extra activity points. Go to Fairchat to find your referral link and share it with your friends. :wink:

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This is definitely a cool idea! :innocent:

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great project keep it up

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