ZKFair into a project valued at $10 billion

The answer of this question is really easy:

We need a utility token. We need an useful token.

  1. Utility.
    Concetraded pools (known like V3). We need a strong ecosystem with good pools.

  2. Training.
    Small campaign to educate to the investors in general financial concepts. To reward the learning with small quantities of ZKF tokens to increase the efficiency

  3. Game to earn.
    To develop a role game. I do not like exactly the metaverse. Probably a sci-fi game will have more success

4.- Listing in exchanges.

To prepare the conditions to launch the token in the biggest exchange like Binance or OKEX with special conditions to avoid the massive sells after listing. A vesting of 3 months can be logical.

  1. Marketing.

General marketing does not work with crypto generally. My recommendation is to look for a special market like neo-banks & cold wallets

  1. Community. Community is very important and this is the core of ZKFair but be careful. General economical knowledge is poor so bad decisions can be taken. Probably an “expert board” is needed.

  2. Social media
    Very updated accounts are very valuable by the investors. Social medias needs to be updated everyday. Polls and questions can be launched to the visitors to improve the communication.

  3. I have not a technical guy so I do not know if the technical solution of ZKfair is the best one or not but update the system, increase the interaction with other L2 solutions and be proactive.

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definitely we need experts in charge