ZKFair 10kk plan

In my opinion, the most important thing is the popularity of the network, so:

  1. Regular communication on social media. networks, AMAs and other activities with the team and partners.
  2. Concluding partnership agreements and attracting cryptocurrency funds to the project. Any collaboration with a good project or foundation is an additional element of trust
  3. Participation in crypto conferences and other events will definitely increase recognition
  4. There should be more training materials online, materials for builders, for the community. Materials must be in different formats: video, text, graphic.

Now about technology:

  1. The ZKF token should either become a native token of the network and pay for gas with the subsequent burning of part of the tokens, or, if the team plans to keep USDC, then part of the commission should be used to subsequently buy back ZKF from the market and burn it, making the token deflationary.
  2. There should be more Dapps and other options for interacting with the network, such as NFTs, inscriptions - which are popular now. Defi protocols, etc. This should encourage more audiences to interact with the network, as a result, spend more gas, and therefore burn more tokens.
  3. Of course, staking, with good interest at the start, tied to the duration of staking, and not to the number of staked tokens. We cannot allow a story where a few whales manage the project and take the lion’s share of the rewards.
  4. DAO and its non-nominal participation in the life of the project, with an indirect selection of delegates, again so that the opinion of the community is not expressed by several whales promoting their own interests, accordingly, the selection system should be combined, how many places for volumes of coins, how many individual ones for social activity, some for useful ideas, and I would distribute another part randomly among all holders.
  5. An incentive system with builders, grants to projects for achieving certain indicators on the network in terms of the volume of users and the amount of gas burned, as well as the number of unique users and new addresses.


  1. Reports and snapshots of the activities of the project and the team should be public and constantly accessible, published at regular intervals on social networks and on the project website.
    AMAs should be conducted on these reports with answers to questions about future plans, protocols of similar AMAs and checklists should be kept of what was promised, done, planned, with deadlines and specific dates.


  1. Similar to the COSMOS ecosystem. Some of the tokens of launched projects are shared by airdrop between ZKF stakers and possibly some other ecosystem tokens. You can also additionally attract TVL using similar programs to Blur and Mantle. This will add attractiveness to the ecosystem as a whole and will help attract both liquidity and community interest, as well as reduce the desire to sell.
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Yes this is a good addition, I also proposed something similar. Feel free to check that and cast your thoughts!