[ZIP] ZKFair Hackathon

Organizing a hackathon aligns well with zkFair’s goals to expand its ecosystem and adoption. Such an event acts as a catalyst, drawing a diverse group of developers and innovators into the ecosystem. It stimulates creativity and problem-solving, leading to the development of novel applications and solutions, in multiple areas of interest. Moreover, a hackathon fosters a sense of community and collaboration, essential for the organic growth of any blockchain network. This influx of new ideas and projects not only showcases the potential and versatility of zkFair but also enhances its visibility and appeal in the competitive blockchain space.

The hackathon can span between several days and a month, can be held online and have an in-person finale for the ones who can/want to attend, and can be organised in several tracks ranging from DeFi and Mobile Apps to AI, Gaming and Metaverse, each track having its own set of rewards.

Developer mentorship and support will be provided throughout the event and each track’s prizes can be provided in $ZKF or builder credits.

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