[ZIP] ZKFair Community Holder Program (ZCP)

  1. ZCP Membership Creation:

    • Every ZKFair holder automatically becomes a member of the “ZKFair Community Holder Program (ZCP).”
    • They will be granted a special status reflecting their contributions and activities on the platform.
  2. Rewards for Voting and Participation:

    • ZCP members can leverage their voting rights in platform and project decisions.
    • Earn additional token rewards for each participation in voting or other community activities.
  3. Stimulation Based on Holding Duration:

    • Implement a long-term incentive program, providing extra token bonuses based on the duration ZKFair holders have kept their tokens.
  4. ZCP Merchandise Design Competition:

    • Launch an exclusive ZCP merchandise design competition.
    • Winners will receive token rewards and free merchandise, with proceeds from merchandise sales going back to the community fund.
  5. Recognition for Content Contributors:

    • Awarding recognition to ZCP members active in creating educational content, such as tutorials, articles, or videos contributing to community knowledge.
  6. ZCP Creative Projects:

    • Allocate specific funds to support creative projects proposed by ZCP members.
    • Selected projects will receive financial support and marketing assistance from ZKFair.
  7. Monthly Workshops and Virtual Events:

    • Conduct exclusive monthly workshops and virtual events for ZCP members.
    • Provide opportunities to interact directly with the development team, gain exclusive insights, and exchange ideas with fellow members.
  8. Distribution of Bonus Tokens Based on Contributions:

    • Specify periods during which bonus tokens will be distributed to ZCP members making tangible contributions to ecosystem development.
  9. Honorary Board on the Platform:

    • Create an honorary board on the ZKFair platform showcasing leading contributors from the ZCP community.
    • Award recognition to ZCP members reaching a certain level of contribution.
  10. Funding NFT Projects for Community Artists:

    • Forge collaborations with artists from the ZCP community to create NFT art projects.
    • Proceeds from NFT sales will provide income for artists and support the community fund.

With the “ZKFair Community Holder Program,” ZKFair can forge strong bonds with its token holders, incentivize active participation, and foster a collaborative atmosphere around the project.

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