【ZIP】Today; I became the CEO of ZkFair

【ZIP】Today I became the CEO of ZkFair.

The subsequent strategic measures were implemented to assess the projects, with the overarching objective of elevating it to a 10-billion dollar initiative being the paramount focus.

  • I devised a comprehensive plan to transform the project into one that not only sustains Total Value Locked (TVL) but also garners increased traction. Recognizing that mere aspirations would not suffice, I conducted a swift research analysis of the existing platforms. The findings reveal that, based on current research, the top ten projects embodying the features I aim to integrate are Arb, Opt, Polygon Pos, and others.

  • Employing Arb as a case study presents a compelling example, given its standing as the foremost L2 (Layer 2) solution, boasting a total value of $1.79 billion as of October 2023, notably propelled by its airdrop of the ARB Token in March 2023. here

ZKFair stands as the pioneering ZK-Rollup on the Ethereum network, constructed upon the Polygon Custom Development Kit (CDK) and Celestia Decentralized Architecture (DA). This aligns seamlessly with Polygon’s position as the second-largest Layer 2 (L2) solution, amassing a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $0.78 billion as of October 2023.

The commonality between these two instances, which I aim to incorporate, lies in the adept execution of their airdrop processes. ARB demonstrated a seamless procedure characterized by cost-effectiveness in gas fees and expeditious transactions. This user-friendly approach served as a noteworthy incentive, attracting a substantial user base.

*Moreover, I intend to deploy the project on perpetual exchanges, with a preference for platforms such as dYdX and GMX over other available alternatives. Notably, successful ventures like ARB and OPT have effectively utilized GMX. Recognized as two of the most prominent decentralized exchanges (DEXs), GMX and dYdX offer traders the capability to engage in leveraged cryptocurrency trading, further enhancing the project’s market presence.

GMX is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade spot and perpetual contracts with up to 50x leverage. The platform operates on Arbitrum and Avalanche, offering a seamless trading experience with low swapping fees and (presumably) zero price impact trades.

dYdX stands as a decentralized exchange initially constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling traders to engage in perpetual contract trading with leverage of up to 20x. Currently, the platform continues to leverage a layer-2 solution, optimizing cryptocurrency trading efficiency and reducing gas costs for users.

Indeed, leveraging either of these platforms, GMX or dYdX, would significantly facilitate the accurate deployment of exchanges on ZKFair. Incorporating these exchanges aligns seamlessly with the project’s objectives, enhancing accessibility and ease of use for users. The utilization of established and efficient platforms like GMX or dYdX would undoubtedly contribute to achieving the project’s goals while ensuring a user-friendly experience for participants on ZKFair

  • Yield-generating products and Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) play a pivotal role in the effective generation of products. It is highly probable that I will incorporate these elements as integral components of my strategic approach.

The IDO Launchpad has emerged as a prominent platform for the introduction of new cryptocurrencies or tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This platform serves as a conduit for nascent projects to secure funding from the community and initiate the launch of their tokens on DEXs. It is imperative to underscore that the efficacy of the IDO Launchpad platform is contingent upon the intricacies of its financial framework. A well-structured financial plan is integral to the success and sustainability of the IDO Launchpad, ensuring its viability in supporting emerging projects

In summary, I intend to incorporate a concise yet comprehensive tag outlining the detailed scope of the IDO, encompassing all its essential components. The project will uphold a unique proposition with a 100% Fair Launch, devoid of investors, reservations, or pre-mining. Embracing a 100% Funding Risk approach, the IDO will serve as a pivotal element contributing significantly to my overarching plan.

The current market landscape presents a challenge with its increasingly saturated flow. Each day witnesses the emergence of new projects, each distinguished by unique ideas and execution methods. This saturation makes navigating the market a complex endeavor, given the diverse array of offerings and approaches.

ZKFair is poised to transition from a 100% risk-oriented route to a more secure trajectory, aiming for a minimum of 70% safety. This strategic shift involves attracting additional investors and fundraising through the outlined steps. The recently concluded test employed a slightly varied approach, resulting in increased participant engagement and an extended project runtime. These adjustments reflect a commitment to enhancing both the security and longevity of the ZKFair initiative.

ARB’s low qualification threshold, requiring only 3 points for eligibility, proved highly accessible and contributed significantly to a dense and engaged community. This accessibility substantially influenced the Total Value Locked (TVL) as usage patterns fluctuated post-airdrop.

On the other hand, OPT employed a controlled maximum allocation, irrespective of users’ task performance. Under ZKFair, the token allocation strategy deviates from tying rewards to gas fee contributions, a method that is not recommended due to its inherent limitations and potential inefficiencies.

Under the ZKFair protocol, the distribution of ZKF tokens will be meticulously controlled within a predefined range from the minimum to the maximum limit.

Additionally, it’s imperative to note that there will be no future issuance of ZKF tokens, ensuring a fixed and immutable token supply. Furthermore, implementing a lock-up mechanism will be a fundamental feature of the protocol, contributing to its stability and long-term viability.

~Thrilled~ about the strategies given as they are still more, I look forward to implementing this transformative 10 billion dollar project as the new C.E.O"