[Zip] My $10 Billion Dollar Plan 😉

First of all, I’ll be needing to understand the technical aspects and trade-offs of different Layer 2 solutions, such as rollups, sidechains, state channels, and plasma. There’s need for me to choose the best solution for use case, and ensure its compatibility and interoperability with the underlying Layer 1 blockchain, which is Ethereum.

I’ll educate my potential customers and partners including VCs about the benefits and limitations of Layer 2 technologies, such as faster transactions, lower fees, higher scalability, and enhanced privacy. I will demonstrate how my solution can solve their pain points and add value to their existing workflow.

I’ll keep up with the latest developments and innovations in the blockchain space, and adapt to the changing market dynamics and customer expectations. It is necessary to leverage the network effects and synergies of the Web3 ecosystem, and collaborate with other projects and stakeholders to create a more decentralized and inclusive internet.

Lastly, I’ll ensure that all community members and partners get major voting power in the form of DAOs to bring about sustainable and collaborative growth.