【ZIP】 how to strategically elevate ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project 🚀 FAIR! FAIR! FAIR!

Looking at the world, becoming 10 billion dollar project relies on two things: a mature business model and a deeply cultural output. If I were to be the CEO of ZKFair, I would build from the above two directions and strive for maximum fairness ASAP.

Business model/Tokennomics

  1. Obtaining veZKF through staking (interest free) for governance voting, locking in partial liquidity
  2. Launchpad
    (A) Launch NFT, qualified with veZKF and mint with ZKF+USDC,finally put the mint fee and royalties to the treasury.
    (B) Launch Token, the project that has not issued coins should adopt a similar or inscribed method to ZKF. Users should be divided into different tiers based on the amount of veZKF and the weight of their contributions to the project, users are divided into different tiers. Users in different tiers have different mint time and allocation amounts, and there is a cold time between two mint operations to ensure fairness. mint fee and royalties should be added into the treasury, and then the treasury should allocate them to the project team at its discretion.
  3. Treasury funds, used for external investment and internal support. The profits generated from investment and whitelist are allocated according to the amount and duration of staking ZKF.

Cultural construction

  1. Create genesis NFTs, because images are better than text for cultural dissemination
  2. Support the construction of diverse communities and engage in cultural innovation on a free and equal basis based on the official element.
  3. Officially delegate some rights and copyrights, properly delineate the boundaries of rights, obligations, and legal risks, allow entrepreneurship within the community, with most of the profits going to the community and a small portion going to the treasury as intellectual property fees
  4. Encourage community activities in public utilities such as education and environmental protection, and promote cultural dissemination through love and action

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