【zip】How to Make ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar Project

Firstly, the success of the Burning Gas activity indicates that funds are willing to come to public chains with profitable effects. So the continuous emergence of profitable projects in the ecosystem can attract funds and remain active on the chain. Based on past successful public chain experiences, most projects that have a profitable effect, such as DYDX, blur, GameFi, MEME, inscriptions, and so on. So as long as we attract excellent project partners to develop on ZKFair, there is full potential to become a public chain with a market value of billions.
Here are the steps I envisioned
1.You can set a proposal to give ZKF tokens to project parties who come to the public chain and perform well, with reward criteria such as TVL, Tx, user volume, etc.
2.The excellent project team can receive a reward of ZKF tokens, which can be partially airdropped to project users as a reward (positive loop), continuously giving users the motivation to stay on the chain.
3.The revenue generated by the combustion of gas in the user interaction public chain can be used to repurchase ZKF tokens, in addition to maintaining daily operational needs and distributing them to ZKF token pledgers, to maintain a deflationary state of circulating ZKF tokens.
4.Empowering ZKF tokens more, such as voting rights on proposals, using some ZKF tokens as gas (not burning), and collecting them as a reward reserve for excellent project parties, forming a virtuous cycle of ZKF tokens.
5.As for project deployment, following market trends, constantly deploying the latest and hottest projects, and keeping up with market trends can naturally attract users to continue to be active on the public chain, thus becoming a public chain with a market value of billions.The current active project is Inscription, so the next step should be to think about how to make the Inscription market on ZKF active, that is, how to make the Inscription market profitable.
6.At the same time, infrastructure construction should also be improved to provide users with a better user experience
This is part of my opinion and I hope to adopt it.

how is 1) possible if all of the zkf will be circulated within the community?