【ZIP】How to Make ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar Project? 【ZIP】如何让ZKF成为一个100亿美元的项目?

The $10bn level projects are probably in the top12 of the crypto industry at the moment, comparable to Trx and Dot.

This requires sufficient and moat and industry innovation. I think we can start from several directions

  1. provide revenue for eco-assets (ETH, USDC), e.g. Blast
  2. find a breakthrough through blockchain betting, RWA track and other innovative ways to enhance, make a star product, and form a new ecosystem
  3. Pledge ZKF to produce stablecoins and extend the credit of ZKF



  1. 为生态资产(ETH、USDC)提供收益,例如Blast
  2. 通过区块链博彩、RWA赛道等创新方式提升找到突破口,做出明星产品,形成新生态
    3、 质押ZKF生产稳定币,扩展ZKF的信用

Impressed by the author’s in-depth analysis of ZKFair’s future plans. The proposed improvements are highly commendable