【ZIP】Creating an unusual story! The Legendary Story of the 10 Billion Dollar Layer-2 Solution

Even you won’t believe this idea!

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your project. Yes, it can be great to see that your focus on organic growth includes common strategies like friend referral programs, mystery airdrops, and celebrity collaborations.

But my suggestion is that you take an unconventional approach to attract more users and stand out. The idea of establishing strategic partnerships with organizations with large communities such as traditional financial institutions and banks, instead of traditional methods in crypto projects, is very attractive. These institutions can bring a large user base and credibility to your project.

Additionally, sharing your project’s technology as open source and providing tools such as APIs to developers can increase accessibility and reliability. It may be more meaningful to share the big cake by collaborating with project partners rather than consuming the small cake quickly. With these strategies, you can introduce your project to a wider audience and encourage growth through collaboration.

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