【ZIP】10 Billion Is Closer Than We Think. My Proposal

Hello everyone :vulcan_salute:

I never envisioned blockchain as a mere ledger, although at the very beginning, when I first started exploring crypto, I often encountered such descriptions. To an extent, this is true — blockchain remembers and sees everything. It is decentralized and autonomous. Information within it is open and accessible to everyone. However, it’s more appropriate and fair (in our case and within our task) to conceptualize blockchain in a somewhat more abstract manner than its original essence.

Let’s think of blockchain as a kind of space. A huge building in the midst of something abstract. Schrödinger’s building — it’s simultaneously at the center and on the outskirts. It’s massive and noticeable to everyone, yet at the same time, it’s unnoticeable and unremarkable to visitors.

Constructing this building is a challenge, but making this space popular and familiar to everyone is an even bigger one. Let’s start with the obvious:

1. Entrance Group :door:

There must be an entrance to the building. It should be simple and accessible. Where there is an entrance, there should also be an exit. There are excellent services, such as bungee refuel, allowing for a cost-effective way to transfer native tokens into the network, paying for the transaction with the native token of another network. No extra movements, extra dollars, or swaps. A straightforward entrance to the space is an understandable and easy opportunity to enter, see what’s inside, and exit painlessly. Simplify this.

2. The Innards :house:

Okay, entering and exiting have become easier. But what’s inside? Performance records are good, but we need “bread and circuses.” If bread is clear (bread = money), then circuses are what these money brings.

Beyond financial projects where users can exchange tokens, provide liquidity, and invest at interest, the lion’s share for mass adoption lies in projects from the entertainment category. They create the main interest — the opportunity to earn.

Successful spaces are those where user loyalty is converted into money. The space needs builders. And the blockchain should provide a clear opportunity to create their own projects. This includes understandable documentation and accessible support for their project from the creators of the space. It’s not just about grants and informational support. It’s about a full-fledged incubator for projects within the space.
Help should not only be provided to those who already have experience creating products in Web 3.0 but also to those who have successfully developed projects in Web 2.0. Helping them to enter the world of Web 3.0 — and doing it together, gathering best practices and considering joint experience.

I would establish a full-fledged incubator, hold lectures, and talk about projects. The incubator itself is a complete media: with research, guides, team stories, project analyses, and metrics. The incubator is also a common team that will assist where builders lack experience. This includes help with code auditing (of the project as a whole), load distribution, legal aspects of work, and market making.

3. Market :black_joker:

A market maker is a significant force in the market. By their will, project capitalizations either soar to space or crash down to the heavy earth. Some get rich, others lose. But the noise of the former’s joy is so noticeable, it’s heard far beyond the space, attracting passersby.

Those who are major players in the market surely know the real benefits of a market maker. You probably know the names of those who help projects soar to space. We need to befriend and attract them to the space. Their presence is paramount, not the cost or speed of transactions.

It’s important to collaborate with influential market players, but also to remember to preserve the decentralized essence of the blockchain.

4. Security :closed_lock_with_key:

As a user, I want my funds to be protected. I don’t want to see a notice saying that anything I left in my coat at the cloakroom could be stolen by a cunning pirate of the cryptocurrency seas. If quests are organized within the space, then each project must be audited, and the space itself must bear responsibility for its functionality, availability, and reliability. Perhaps this will require the creation of some sort of insurance organization. I’d rather earn 10% annually, not 12% on staking, but be sure of the safety and reliability of my funds.

Of course, the mechanism for easy creation and launch of projects must not be lost — but the presence of these audits and protection mechanisms is a major green flag that would alleviate concerns about the safety of funds.

In short, a clear system is needed to protect user funds.

5. Community :people_hugging:

This point was briefly mentioned before, but I find it necessary to emphasize it separately. Quests, achievements, events are essential for any billion-dollar space. The team should not be hidden behind seven locks. The team should be a friend to any user. Any changes should be accompanied by discussion and collective decision-making (DAO). Community is built on trust, which is based on transparency, and transparency comes from the clear nature of collective decision-making.

Community is also about users communicating with other users. About friendship. About a common goal. About believing in a bright future.

Happy New Year.
We will make it :snowboarder:

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Interesting and DAO can be good step into fully decentralization of ZKFAIR. :wave:

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interesting, maybe something good

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Thank you! We can do it :handshake:

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Waiting for claim then! So soon 2024 and big steps

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Tomorrow is just the beginning!

It’s New Year’s Eve today. The proposal is well written. I wish us a fortune in the New Year.

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Cool ideas, bungee needs asap :grinning:

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Thank you! Hope to see ZKF = 1$ next year. Happy New Year!

Patience is the key, especially in crypto!

In friendship we trust, gl

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You too! Hard work and luck open any door

Good plan for ZKFAIR

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Thank you. Next year will be fantastic

Very nice proposals!

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Thank you! Happy New Year!

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