TVL to $10 billion in the new ZkFair blockchain

To increase TVL to $10 billion in the new ZkFair blockchain, it is important to do the following:

  1. Attract teams of DEX protocol developers, provide favorable conditions and grants for top DEX, DeFi;
  2. Creation of profitable liquidity pools;
  3. Partnership with thriving DEX, DeFi;
  4. Listings on the most popular centralized exchanges and DEX;
  5. Launch high-profile marketing with favorable conditions for ZkFair users;
  6. Improving the security, scalability and convenient tools of the ZkFair blockchain;
  7. Make profitable commissions for all users;
  8. Active on social networks, creating cool video content;
  9. And make a video about the distribution of drops of the same format as was with the announcement of the Arbitrum drop.

Answers to questions from the article:
Would you consider rolling out perpetual exchanges like DYDX and GMX?
Yes, this is a necessary step in the development of ZkFair, DYDX and GMX will allow you to learn about the blockchain, test it and take advantage of all the benefits.

Or do you think revenue generating products and IDO platforms are necessary?
Yes, these products are popular and will also allow users to increase their capital.

How would you target the market and are you planning any new technology avenues?
Yes, you have already shown a new technological direction and achieved excellent results.

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