【ZIP】公平! 公平! 还是他XX公平! (含中文)Fairness! Fairness! It's all about being FAIR

如果我是 CEO,我将继续贯彻公平的原则,所谓公平就是:

不玩虚的,只做真实的、公平的事!(大家应该已经厌倦了那些动不动就花社区资金搞 party 的项目,不断 pua 用户却一毛不拔的项目,或者那些轻视用户的项目)


1.邀请经受住时间考验的defi协议(uniswap,AAVE,CURVE,Compound 等 DEFI 基础协议)前来:与社区商议为这些协议分配一部分 ZKF/USDC 的 LP 或者以 USDC 存在的 GAS 进入这些协议的池子中去,而交换条件是这些项目收益的 90% 要按月回馈给 ZKFair 社区,用购买ZKFair 的方式也好,用发 USDC 空投的方式也好,ZKFair 上的忠实用户按积分分享这些收益。


3.号召社区将一定比例的链上收益用于与 Immunefi 这些在安全方面有号召力的项目合作,为 ZKFair 链上协议的安全未雨绸缪。

主要目的就是通过 ZKFair 链上不断产生的收益吸引 → 希望按劳分配、希望公平的用户 从而进一步吸引 → 更多项目入驻 → 更多收益 → 更多用户 ,尝试创造一个正向反馈的循环。

If I were the CEO, I would continue to implement the principle of fairness. Real fairness! No false pretenses, only genuine and fair actions! (Everyone should already be tired of those projects that frequently use community funds for parties, constantly deceive users without contributing anything, or those projects that underestimate their users.)

What actions would be taken?

  1. Invite time-tested DeFi protocols (like Uniswap, AAVE, CURVE, Compound etc.) to participate: Discuss with the community about allocating a portion of ZKF/USDC LP or USDC-stored GAS to enter the pools of these protocols. In exchange, 90% of the profits from these projects should be returned to the ZKFair community monthly, whether by purchasing ZKFair or distributing USDC airdrops. Loyal users on ZKFair should share these profits based on their points.

  2. Support new developers in the same manner as the first point. Upon community approval, provide liquidity for new projects, with the condition that 90% of the protocol profits must be returned to the community monthly. If there is a refusal to return profits, the community will immediately withdraw liquidity.

  3. Encourage the community to allocate a certain percentage of on-chain profits to collaborate with influential security projects like Immunefi, proactively securing the protocols on ZKFair’s chain.

Attract users who seek fair distribution of efforts and fairness through the continuous profits generated on the ZKFair chain, thereby attracting more projects to join, leading to more profits, and more users. Aim to create a positive feedback loop.

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谢谢提醒,已经修改啦。加入了 Compound ,我认为目前急需加入的是 defi 基础协议,永续合约之类的协议虽然也很重要,可以第二批吸引,你觉得呢

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看官方发布的公告没,跟你不谋而合了哈 :slight_smile:

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You invite them. But why should they come to you? While there are many other Blockchains also offering. ZKFair does not have any funds to pay for sponsorships

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Thanks for you reply ~
You’re right, it’s definitely their loss for not attending zkfair. The reason I said inviting time-tested DeFi projects is because I hope zkfair can avoid security incidents as much as possible. As you know, I lost quite a bit of money due to various hacking events in the past two years.


I think so bro , ZKfair to the moon plz