【ZIP】Strategic Plan for Elevating ZKFair to a 10 Billion-Dollar Project (Phase 1 - Kickstart phase)

Strategic Plan for Elevating ZKFair to a 10 Billion-Dollar Project

This will be a comprehensive and forward-thinking strategy aimed at propelling ZKFair, our community-centric Layer 2 blockchain project, towards an ambitious yet achievable milestone: a valuation of 10 billion dollars.

Title: Rethinking Profit Distribution to Distinguish ZKFair in the L2 Space

In the crowded landscape of Layer 2 (L2) solutions, ZKFair faces the challenge of differentiating itself. A pivotal strategy to achieve this is the overhaul of our profit distribution system. Our goal is to foster a vibrant ecosystem, prioritize development, and provide tangible incentives to key stakeholders.

Current Distribution Model:

  • Stakers: 75%
  • dApp Developers: 25%

This model, while standard, doesn’t adequately stimulate ecosystem growth or dApp development – critical elements for long-term sustainability.

Proposed Modified Distribution (Kickstart Phase):

  • Stakers: 20%
  • dApp Developers: 30%
  • ZKFair Mainnet Development: 15%
  • Ecosystem Fund: 35%, further allocated to:
    • Marketing and Advertisement
    • Educational Initiatives
    • Community Management (Admins/Mods)
    • Legal and Financial Oversight (Accountant/On-Chain Detective)
    • Strategic Direction (CEO, Finance/Incentive Planner)
    • Emergency and Innovation Reserve (Backup Fund)

Stakers/dApp Developers incentive distribution guideline
On current zkf tokenomics, 75% of total gas fee profit are allocated to stakers, and 25% to dapp developers, imo we can share the profit margin as high as 50% to dapp developers to kickstart the ecosystem. Imo stakers are leechers during kickstart phase, they doesnt provide any economical value, only speculation value, and with the ecosystem growing without any dapps, theres generally nothing to speculate on, which doesnt make sense for stakers to pay attention to this L2, which then leads to ghostchain, where stakers keep leeching profits without provide real value to boost the economy.

By providing greater incentive landed around 50% to attract dapps dev to build(subject to change and discussion), the chain will have more main dapps like swaps, lending/borrowing, swap aggregator, perp dex and a certain amount of matured TVL(subject to discussion), and at post achieving all these milestones, propose a dao proposal to revert to a more balanced profit distribution. (subject to change or implement my proposed modified distribution), so then the stakers can come back to speculate on current chain as there is a better incentive/reason and a good ecosystem to do so

To ensure the legitimacy of dapps developer, we can Implement a three-month evaluation period post-launch to ensure project viability and community health before grant allocation, or several benchmark to judge if the project can receive the grant, keep everything strict and regulated to give an impression of “oh this chain is not another ghostchain where i come here for airdrops only, and will leave after airdrops”

And of course this goes without saying, part of the profit distribution MUST allocate to zkfair mainnet developer themselves

Ecosystem Fund Allocation Breakdown

  1. Marketing and Advertisement:
    This fund is dedicated to amplifying ZKFair’s presence in the blockchain space. It will be utilized to engage professional marketers for planning and executing both online and offline promotional activities, thereby enhancing ZKFair’s visibility and appeal to potential users and developers.
  2. Educator:
    A portion of the fund is allocated for incentivizing cryptocurrency influencers and educators. Their role will be pivotal in simplifying concepts for a broader audience, thereby fostering a well-informed community around ZKFair. This initiative aims to not only educate but also to expand ZKFair’s reach.
  3. Admins/Mods for Community Management:
    This segment of the fund supports the administrative and moderation team responsible for maintaining order and providing assistance across ZKFair’s various community platforms, including Discord, Twitter, Telegram, etc. Their role is crucial in fostering a welcoming, helpful, and regulated community environment.
  4. Accountant/On-Chain Detective for Legal and Financial Oversight:
    This allocation is for professionals who ensure that all operations within ZKFair adhere to legal standards and are transparent. Their responsibilities include overseeing the distribution of profits, maintaining operational cost records, and presenting these financials to the community to uphold transparency and trust.
  5. CEO (Proposal Planner for Strategic Direction):
    The CEO’s role, funded through this allocation, is to provide visionary leadership. This includes brainstorming and implementing new ideas, setting a clear direction, and ensuring that the vision and mission of ZKFair are consistently pursued and achieved across all levels of the project.
  6. Finance/Incentive Planner:
    This role involves developing and maintaining the project’s economic model. The planner will innovate in the areas of profit distribution and economic incentives, ensuring that ZKFair remains financially attractive and sustainable, both for users and investors.
  7. Backup Fund:
    Reserved for unforeseen circumstances and emerging opportunities, this fund provides a financial safety net. It ensures ZKFair’s agility in responding to unexpected events or in capitalizing on new, innovative ideas that align with the project’s goals.

The modified distribution aims to:

  1. Energize the development of dApps by increasing their share of profits, promoting a thriving and diverse application ecosystem.
  2. Recognize and support the foundational role of ZKFair mainnet developers.
  3. Allocate resources towards marketing and educational initiatives, ensuring ZKFair reaches a wider audience and is understood and appreciated for its unique value.
  4. Maintain a robust and well-regulated community through dedicated management and oversight.
  5. Facilitate strategic planning and innovation through leadership roles and emergency reserves.

This comprehensive view of stakers’ role in the new profit distribution framework highlights their importance in ZKFair’s ecosystem, not just as beneficiaries but as key stakeholders contributing to the platform’s strategic direction and long-term success. And this proposal is meant only for kickstart phase, everything is subjected to change when we enter growth phase.

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