【ZIP】Pump 10 Billion-dollar Project: Community-Driven Growth Strategies for ZKFair

Let’s pump it to 10 billion-dollar project

Hi, bro, you PFP seems a little cute :rofl:

it’s a great proposal, should be implemented.

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Come on, baby, your idea looks interesting, i vote for you

How can you write so many words for this proposal? :rofl:

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it’s full proposal, “Staking Rewards Program” may be important for ZK fair now, funds are transferring out

Community driven is Web3 spirit, let’s allocate more profits to community users.

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It’s my peleasure for me to put some proposals , hope everyone could put more, then ZFfair will be great. Welcome everyone to discuss my proposal. Thanks!

Yes, Web3 spirit pump!

That’s great, I hope it’s implemented soon

A new ecosystem, full of energy and hope. airdrop. . . .

reward system is important, more funds should be retained on ZK fair.

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very detailed proposal, like ZKFair Academy is very interesting, will attract more people to develop ZKfair.

more collaborations with other platform is good, users will get double reward.

“Staking Rewards Program” is import to retain funds on ZKfair, 90% gas return is also amazing.

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Rewards increase holders, reduce sales, increase market value

is a good idea bro!!!

Community Innovator Program will attack more developers to improve the ZK fair, some advice are very useful.

it’s very detail, 90% gas return is good to users, but may not good to ZKfair.

Community-Driven Token Distribution is a good proposal, community work together, then more people will know ZK fair, more people will use ZKfair.