【ZIP】Conquering 10 Billion Dollars Value

Firstly, I have read other posts on the forum, and I see that our community has many individuals with the vision of achievers. I am genuinely delighted that our community has such people. I also want to share some of my perspectives to, at the very least, contribute a small part to the development of ZkFair. Please allow me to present them below

1. The First Step Forward

  • The foremost key to the development of any project lies in its customer service. It is akin to a restaurant with exceptionally attentive service, which naturally attracts more patrons. Similarly, in our context, if our community support service is excellent, users are likely to have a favorable impression of us, potentially leading to user trust and loyalty.
  • Through this, I want to emphasize what? Of course, it’s how we build and support our community. For instance, we should consider revamping our Discord design, creating a Discord with more channels and exciting features to provide users with a fresh, dynamic environment that remains engaging and avoids monotony.
  • In addition, we should consider expanding to other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn or Reddit. Furthermore, we could even recruit ambassadors to represent and grow communities at the local level. In my opinion, delving into each local community is crucial, just as much as the international community. Due to various barriers, many individuals may not actively participate in the international community, making local channels essential.
  • “If possible, we could organize meet-ups and workshops to share knowledge and information about ZkFair with the community. Certainly, ambassadors could assist us in this endeavor. This is also a crucial activity to immerse ZkFair more deeply into users’ lives beyond the digital realm, not just on social media. Creating tangible activities, for example, whenever people discuss potential Zk projects, the name ‘ZkFair’ is the first to come up. Ambassadors, given their extensive knowledge, understand how to accomplish this. Undoubtedly, ambassadors are a vital asset to our community.”
  • In summary, the first step I want to take is to build the community, establish community support services for us. Ambassadors can assist us in this. All we need to do is carefully select capable and quality ambassadors, and everything related to the community will be well taken care of.

2. Attracting Developers: The Next Strategic Move

  • Following the community, the next crucial aspect is our infrastructure. I want to highlight our ecosystem. A prosperous and developed city always boasts a comprehensive set of amenities. Similarly, we need a large, thriving ecosystem that continually expands. Current leading Layer projects are excelling in this regard, and we need to do the same if we want to compete with them.
  • We should have more grant programs and incentives to attract developers to our ecosystem. Since we have introduced a token and there are no more allocations, I propose allocating a portion of the network fees to fund this program. Additionally, we could consider cutting a percentage of user network fees to reimburse the platforms they interact with. For example, if user A interacts with Protocol B and pays a $20 network fee, we could cut around 5-10% to send back to Protocol B. Combining grant programs with fee reimbursement activities for platforms, I believe our ecosystem will grow rapidly. From my observations, most developers tend to build their projects on new networks to gain incentives from the network’s allocation. However, since we have allocated 100% of the tokens to the community, I think the two approaches I mentioned above would be quite optimal for attracting developers. Furthermore, if developers build on our network, they can also profit from their business model, and our reimbursement incentives would just be an encouraging part to help them sustain.
  • In addition to reaching out to new developers, we can also establish partnerships with existing successful projects. We can collaborate with and encourage them to further develop on our network, offering similar incentives as we do for new developer outreach. After all, existing projects already have a quality user base, and we can tap into this user pool. For instance, take Curve Finance; they support up to 13 networks, and if they could support our network, we would undoubtedly gain access to a large and high-quality user base.
  • In conclusion, this next step is equally crucial for us. A robust ecosystem will undoubtedly attract users, leading to a rapid increase in Total Value Locked (TVL). TVL is almost a key metric to help us reach the milestones we desire

3. Expanding the Team for Greater Achievements

  • In my view, a small team will never accomplish big tasks. A small company may not have the capacity to manage a billion-dollar asset. Therefore, my perspective is to always expand the team, continuously welcome highly skilled and potential members, and not hesitate to remove those who are not up to par. We need to expand to adapt to each stage we go through. At least until now, we have achieved success beyond expectations. Now is the time for us to continue taking the next steps to reach the milestones we desire.
  • Parallel to attracting more developers and new protocols to our ecosystem, we can also achieve that ourselves. That’s why we need to expand the team. We can build DeFi protocols first, then expand into platforms/marketplaces for NFTs, Enterprise Blockchain, and more. Instead of waiting for new developers to come, we need to build it ourselves to provide initial experiences for users. From a user’s perspective, a protocol developed by our own team always carries a certain level of credibility and trust.
  • Let’s not forget about auditing and securing our network. Having more people working on it will make our network much more stable and robust. A good project is one that is never marred by vulnerabilities.

4. Market Maker

  • Market Maker is crucial for us, although not as powerful as community-driven growth. With MM, the game becomes more exciting for the community. It can even help us reach milestones faster and potentially achieve more milestones in the future.
  • I know the team has been in touch with several prominent MM, and I just want to say, let’s choose the best option available.

5. Marketing and Promotion Strategy

  • With this, it’s clear that a CEO alone would find it challenging. Because marketing is not the CEO’s expertise. That’s why I want to emphasize the third point, which is expanding the team. I’ll select a BD team with genuine potential/capability, and they will assist me in this. Certainly, they will propose effective strategies. As long as we make good hiring choices, everything else will proceed smoothly.

6. ZKF Token Utilities

  • As mentioned earlier, I’ve read many proposals from everyone, and they’ve suggested various utilities for the $ZKF token. I believe the team is aware, and I shouldn’t reiterate them here. However, I have some additional insights from my perspective. Please continue reading below:
  • Staking $ZKF to earn network fee dividends. My idea is that $ZKF Stakers on Protocol X (assuming X is one of our DeFi platforms) will benefit from network fees across the entire network. For instance, if our network burned 10,000 USDC yesterday, we could propose allocating 50% to distribute to those Stakers. Of course, the 50% figure is just my example; we can suggest governance for this. Going deeper, we could have flexible pool, and long-term pools such as 30-60-90-…day. Flexible pool could be unlocked instantly, while long-term pools correspond to the unlocking time for each pool duration. Certainly, long-term pools would likely have a higher distribution rate than flexible pools. Additionally, the user’s stake amount and the total network stake would also impact the distribution ratio. This is just my example of a dividend-like system for $ZKF Stakers.
  • I propose burning $ZKF in lieu of gas fees to reduce the supply of $ZKF and increase scarcity. While not widely encouraged, I think we could consider implementing this with a well-designed mechanism. Maybe it could impact the network fees or even influence our financial model. Alternatively, we could allocate network gas fees to buy back $ZKF and burn them, similar to what $BNB is currently doing. Reducing the supply and increasing scarcity is clearly a positive influence on the price of $ZKF.

Above are just a few ideas from my perspective. The numbers are illustrative and haven’t been meticulously calculated. I hope that my proposal, along with the hundreds of other excellent proposals from the community, will help $ZKF become a billion-dollar project soon! Let’s go forward! :sunglasses:

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This is Chinese project?

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That’s great, I hope it can be implemented soon.

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yes, but the team is hidden

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Stake to receive dividends from network fees? I think if it is applied, it will probably be the first time I see it operating independently on a layer network :smile:

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Kudos to the author for a detailed exploration of ZKFair’s development strategies. :sweat_smile: The project’s outlook appears positive and exciting. Eagerly awaiting updates!

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Good idea, bravo! :raised_hands: :money_mouth_face:

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