When my ZKFAIR company get 10 Billion Funding?

  1. Establish a Robust Liquidity Marketplace
    Strategy : Focus on enhancing the liquidity of your marketplace.
    Execution : Invest in technology and infrastructure to optimize trading speed and efficiency. Consider partnering with liquidity providers and market makers to ensure a robust trading environment. Conduct regular assessments and improvements to maintain high liquidity levels.

  2. Support Local Projects, Especially from Indonesia
    Strategy : Contribute to the development of local projects and businesses.
    Execution : Create a dedicated program or platform to support local entrepreneurs and startups. Provide funding, mentorship, and resources to promising local projects. Collaborate with local incubators, accelerators, and industry associations to identify and nurture talent.

  3. Organize Attractive Weekly Events
    Strategy : Enhance user engagement through regular and appealing events.
    Execution : Plan and execute weekly events that cater to the interests of your user base. These events could include webinars, live trading competitions, educational workshops, or product launches. Leverage social media and other communication channels to promote and generate excitement around each event.

  4. Provide Good Returns from Transaction Sharing
    Strategy : Ensure a competitive and attractive returns structure for users.
    Execution : Review and optimize the revenue-sharing model to provide users with a fair and lucrative return on their transactions. Clearly communicate the benefits of using your platform and the potential returns. Regularly assess market conditions and adjust the returns structure to remain competitive.

  5. Collaborate with World Banks and Relevant Authorities to Facilitate Foreign Exchange Trading
    Strategy : Establish partnerships with global banks and regulatory bodies for foreign exchange trading.
    Execution : Initiate discussions with major banks and financial institutions to explore collaboration opportunities. Work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance and create a transparent and secure trading environment. Develop technology and security measures to facilitate international transactions seamlessly.

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