If you were the CEO of ZKFair, how would you strategically elevate ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project?

As the CEO of ZKFair, I’d focus on strategic partnerships with key industry players, aggressive marketing to expand our user base, and continuous innovation in our products and services. By leveraging our strengths and staying ahead of market trends, I’m confident we can elevate ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project."

Easy way calling “Elon musk” for partnership .

I think the most advantageous platform for ZKFair will be the Launchpad platform, and each new project will take ZKFair to the next level. There will always be demand and over time the tier level will rise to very high levels. In addition, a platform similar to the Dydx platform can provide you with great value in this field and you should pay attention to Stake. It should definitely be on your NFT platform. Thanks.

We may need to find a partner. We need traveling companions. And above all, we need a meme.